AIBridge ML at TechBhubaneswar Conclave 2019 in Odisha

AIBridge ML at TechBhubaneswar 2019 in Odisha

With the advent of futuristic technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, it has become essential to share technology and know-how for proper resource utilization. TechBhubaneswar offers professionals and industry thought leaders a platform to interact and collaborate towards addressing the industry challenges based on emerging requirements. The TechBhubaneswar conference offered attendees to discover the latest relevant trends.
As competition gets tougher and market dynamics evolve, traditional document processing can no longer cope with inconsistent data formats and document versions. AIBridge ML Chief Data Scientist Prajnajit Mohanty enlightened the audience with the virtues of AIMunshi, an intelligent invoice automation tool. He conferred upon the unique benefits of Invoice automation tool AIMunshi in processing and dealing with inconsistent data, driven by the power of RPA and Deep Learning. 
AIMunshi can revolutionize the financial day-to-day transactions with intelligent and secure data capture. The Invoice automation process also helps eliminate repetitive tasks and optimize workflow among functional units of the enterprise. The Invoice Automation tool can also be deployed seamlessly with third-party and legacy systems.
The invoice automation tool also functions as an intelligent agent to help enterprises incorporate complex business logic by leveraging the rules engine. Mr. Mohanty had fruitful interaction with delegates on the AIMunshi invoice automation tool at TechBhubaneswar 2019. It set the foundation for partnerships and the potential to forge business alliances down the line.
TechBhubaneswar conclave also enabled young and budding professionals to discover the newest in Neural Networks and Data Sciences. In parallel with tracks on futuristic technologies, the day-long event engaged the audience with valuable panel discussions and presentations on emerging best practices. These involve use of the latest frameworks to build rich applications that offer cutting-edge user experience across the web as well as mobile platforms.

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AIBridge ML offers cutting-edge services to its customers around Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and RPA with robust tools and proven processes. The firm plays a crucial role in crafting success using tools and methodologies that encompass the Industry 4.0 automation and intelligent forecasting capabilities. The firm has a footprint across the US, Australia, Canada, and India. We have a strong presence across several domains such as Media, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, and more.