AIBridge ML is the Title Sponsor for IBS ICOMBS 2019 Hyderabad

AIBridge ML at IBS ICOMBS 2019 Hyderabad

The 8th IBS ICOMBS 2019 Conference held at Hyderabad on 15-16 November 2019. AIBridge ML has been honored to be Title Sponsor at the two-day event. This offered us an opportunity in sharing know-how and showcasing expertise through intensive sessions by some of our top executives. It promoted knowledge-sharing and interaction among amateurs and professionals associated with branding and marketing functions across some of the well-known India Inc. firms. The two-day meet featured panel discussions and deliberations among experts on enhancing the brand experience.

Mr. Prajnajit Mohanty, Chief Decision Scientist at AIBridge ML delivered his keynote on the scope of Artificial Intelligence in new-age branding and marketing programs. He elaborated on the competitive advantage of Artificial Intelligence in offering specific solutions that can strengthen the brand. On the second day of the meet, Mr. Mohanty enlightened the audience with a discourse on how Data Strategy can be leveraged to streamline branding and accelerate the time-to-market with informed decisions.

Managing Director Mr. Ajay Ray led a panel on fine-tuning traditional branding to fulfill the modern requirements in terms of brand success across the globe. As the Title Sponsor, speakers from our organization addressed the attendees to share some valuable tips on modern human resources management, as well as test-driven software development. It offered attendees a pulse of how functions and processes tied to the core business are crucial for overall brand credibility, and for building a positive perception across the target segment.

The two-day summit underlined some of the key principles in modern brand management, along with some cutting-edge ideas to communicate unique selling points to tech-savvy stakeholders and end-customers. It offered an opportunity for the marketing fraternity to exchange novel ideas about understanding the consumer of the millennium. The industry bigwigs shared some valuable tips for enhancing customer service by profiling tech-savvy buyers and identifying niche requirements and specific demographic segments. The IBS ICOMBS 2019 platform proved to be a successful conclave aimed at exploring the next-gen branding practices.

About AIBridge ML

AIBridge ML offers cutting-edge services to its customers around Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and RPA with robust tools and proven processes. The firm plays a crucial role in crafting success using tools and methodologies that encompass the Industry 4.0 automation and intelligent forecasting capabilities. The firm has a footprint across the US, Australia, Canada, and India. We have a strong presence across several domains such as Media, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Manufacturing, and more.